Angular JS!!!

I’ve made it far enough into Angular to have tackled and solved one of my goals — reformatting my JQuery based Energy Math Practice FRQ Pages that I made for my AP Environmental Science students to help them prepare for the math that is increasingly common in the Free Response Section of the APES exam.  Now rather than six separate html files being linked together for each of the five activities, there is now just one html file bound to one Javascript file page using the Angular framework (and well, a supporting css file) — really cool!

I still need to adjust the code a bit — for instance, the pages would be more functional if the divs under control of the show/hide toggle would become hidden when the user clicks on another location on the left menu.  Then students would not be immediately presented with the equations and thus would have an opportunity to set up the equations on their own.  Also, I would like the equations to animate in, rather than just pop into view.   All in due time.

March 20, 2016 Update:  I’ve added animations to each of the pages!

Here are links to the new Angular pages:

Carbon Offsets          Coal Electricity          Electric Vehicles

Methane Energy         Wind Energy