Latest D3-Google Map mashup!

Here is the latest version of the terrain google map with eBird API D3 overlay!  In this incarnation, when the user hovers over a circle, the latitude and longitude from the original d3.json call to the eBird API is fed into a second d3.json call to the Google maps API for elevation data and then … Read more

D3 and Google Maps

Today I finished the first draft of a terrain google map with a D3 overlay to show recent sightings of Black-chinned and Ruby-throated hummingbirds from the eBird API (Cornell University). I like this version compared to the previous D3 only version as the terrain map shows us some interesting information to consider.  In the previous … Read more

IANA logo

One of the projects I am starting with a friend is to develop an interactive quiz generator focused on the needs of physics teachers.  We are doing this under the umbrella of an organization called IANA (more on that later).  Recently I produced a high resolution, transparent background .png of a Latex generated logo created by … Read more

Bird Migration

Starting a new project, one I wish I had thought of in the late winter.  My plan is to capture data every two weeks from eBird API and store as local json files so that I can have a D3 map with a slider that shows where sightings of a bird species occurred through the … Read more

MUI CSS and JQuery Birding Hotspots Maps

Today, I used the extraordinarily hot and humid day to make a first draft of a Birding Hotspots Maps App that I am envisioning will eventually include weather forecast for the zipcode, plus other info about the hotspot, such as hiking maps, and geology, etc.  This version uses WAY TOO MUCH code, it is quite … Read more

Lunar Phases Project

I am starting a new project to develop a set of interactive pages related to the phases of the Moon.  In this first post, I am adding the first iteration of a page that prompts the user to place images of the typical eight named moon phases on a diagram, using their understanding of how … Read more

Biotic Index Updated!

May 25, 2016: Today I updated the Biotic Index page.  Previously, I had used KineticJs, but that library is no longer maintained and I noticed a significant reduction in functionality with the drag animation.  So, I substituted that for the “draggable” feature in JQuery UI.  So much simpler and better performing too. I am about to … Read more