Bird Migration

Starting a new project, one I wish I had thought of in the late winter.  My plan is to capture data every two weeks from eBird API and store as local json files so that I can have a D3 map with a slider that shows where sightings of a bird species occurred through the spring and summer into the fall.

This first map is merely the reported (though not necessarily verified) sightings of ruby-throated hummingbirds from the past week.  Note the prevalence of sightings along the spine of the Appalachians and also along the eastern seaboard.  Gosh, I love seeing these little ones in my yard.  Their squeaks perk my ears up every time.

Also, the map and bubbles are responsive (though not the tooltips at the moment) and I also want to make the map zoomable.  So, the data should be accessible on any device.