Stacked Focus Landscapes

One side project that I will be focusing on in the upcoming weeks utilizes the better camera of my new iPhone 6, my tripod and universal connector, the manual focus and exposure settings of the Procamera 8 app and the capabilities of Zerene Stacker software to create beautiful landscape photos.

Below is my very first attempt.  On the top left is an image that is super close-up.  On the top right is an image that is (I believe, although I was a bit disorganized on this first attempt) focused to infinity.  There are four more images in between these two that were taken at different focal planes.  The image on the bottom is the result of stacking using their PMax algorithm.   I have a long way to go to better use the components of this system, but it will be fun learning 🙂

I will take my tripod with me to NM next week so I can get the long vistas (with extreme close-up of foreground rocks and plants) that I need for really cool stacked landscapes — way more than I have access to here in my Pennsylvania yard 🙂

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