JQuery Bird Map

In the process of trying to create an Angular bird map with multiple infowindows, I diverged some and ended up with an example using JQuery.

Check out the first draft of the JQuery Bird Map.  I want to adjust the code so that each window is a different shade of the same color.

April 8 Update:  I adjusted the code so that the markers drop in when page refreshed, and so that the map is recentered when a marker is closed.  Then, when you click on a common name on the list generated in the infowindow, the term is pasted into search box and search is completed automatically.   Each time you click on a common name the previous search is cleared away to make way for the current selection.  The last thing I need to figure out is why the map and markers sometimes do not load.  Right now, occasionally one needs to refresh the page a couple of times.