Wind Energy

Wind500It’s is high time to focus our attention on wind energy, as the global capacity has grown rapidly in the past several years, especially in China, with the US a distant second place.  If you are interested in exploring the variety of turbine designs, start with this Wikipedia page.

In the portion of an APES FRQ incorporated here, the math is focused on the economics of wind energy for a community interested in energy independence.

The kaleidoscope that I incorporated into the index page is incredibly cool, but was oh so challenging to get the images to load properly, until I learned that more simply, JQuery must be loaded as CDN, rather than local.

March 14, 2016 UPDATE!

This page marks the beginning of my redeployment of the energy pages in Angularjs.  In the native Javascript/JQuery versions, each topic consisted of six html pages (one for the start page and then one additional page for each separate version of the questions — by location).  With Angularjs, I can collapse this down to one html page into which the various data are bound from the main Javascript file.  Angular has been a steep learning curve the last few weeks, but well worth it!  Click the link to check out the first incarnation of the Angular Wind Energy page.

I will focus now on styling the page, so it will change over time.  For instance, I want to have the equation divs re-hide when I click on a new location, so the user will be challenged to solve the problem before then choosing to view the solution. I need to convert the integers to strings to format the numbers with commas.  I also want to incorporate ngAnimate to make the page more interesting to the user.