Sorting Rock Types

rock types     I created this series of webpages to help my 8th grade Earth Science students practice their identification of common characteristics of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks, and to supplement the identification they do in class with hand samples of these rocks.

We begin the year of Earth Science with the rock cycle to prepare our students for a day of exploring geologic forces that shaped the formation of rock in Central Park (mostly Manhattan schist and pegmatite visible in the large rock outcroppings) and surface features in the NYC region (solid bedrock under uptown and downtown allow for highrise buildings, rubble deposited by retreating glaciers allow for lowrise buildings, wide and deep Hudson River), and specifically Central Park.

These are among the earliest webpages I coded, and thus I need to return to them to clean up the code more fully.  I did recently swap out javascript alerts (which need to be clicked away for Sweet Alerts, which I learned how to incorporate when creating the Identifying African Countries page.  Please click on the links below to sort rocks according to type:



Pahoehoe Lava-A’a Lava-Pillow Basalt