Music of Africa

Africamusic 500I am very happy with this new page!  It combines the drag and drop features of the African Countries Game and the Qtip2 tooltip and Sweet Alerts I was using for a separate page about the musical traditions of Africa.  Here I have combined them into one page — quiz yourself on your knowledge of African countries and then learn something about the rich diversity and aural beauty of the continent’s music!

This page is far from finished, but I will put it out to the world now, and update as I continue this journey 🙂

Click on the image above to learn about the Music of Africa!

P.S.  The page loads slowly and it also takes too long for the Sweet Alerts to generate, so I will also see if I can adjust the code to speed things up.

P.P.S.  Stop the video before closing the tooltip or the audio will continue to play!!  Something else to troubleshoot . . .