eBird API+Google Maps+Google Custom Search=Fun

Here is the latest  project I am working on — a google map with clickable markers that imports into an info window the most recent bird sightings at local hotspots of bird activity from eBird API of Cornell University.  For the Angular map, I currently have just site info for the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove on the map.  I intend to perfect this Angular map very soon.

Angular Bird Map App

In the meantime, I have also coded an example using JQuery, and this map is currently in a more finished state.  In this example, the markers drop in when the page is refreshed, and also the map is re-centered when a marker is closed.  When you click on a common name on the list generated in the infowindow, the term is pasted into search box and search is completed automatically.   Each time you click on a common name the previous search is cleared away to make way for the current selection.  The last thing I need to figure out is why the map and markers sometimes do not load.  Right now, occasionally one needs to refresh the page a couple of times.  Update:  I found a solution to the initial loading problem at stackoverflow.

JQuery Bird Map

Here is a version I made for The Schuylkill Center

SCEE Bird Map