Coal-Fired Power Plant

A large, coal-fired electric power plant in produces kWh of electricity each day in this new, high efficiency power plant. Assume that an input of BTUs of heat is required to produce an output of 1.0 kWh of electricity.

Showing all steps in your claculations, determine the number of:

BTUs of heat needed to generate the electricity produced by the power plant each day.

Pounds of coal consumed by the power plant each day, assuming that one pound of coal yields BTUs.

Pounds of sulfur released by the power plant each day, assuming that the coal contains one percent sulfur by weight.

The EPA standard for coal-fired power plants such as this one is that no more than 1.2 pounds of sulfur be emitted per 1.0 million BTUs of heat
generated. Using the results in part (a), determine whether the power plant meets the EPA standard.

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