Group 1 --Highly Sensitive to Pollution:      Stonefly Dobsonfly

Group 2 --Semi-Sensitive to Pollution:      Caddisfly Dragonfly Waterpenny Crawfish Cranefly Damselfly Mayfly

Group 3 -- Semi-Tolerant of Pollution:      Orb Snail Scud

Group 4 -- Tolerant of Pollution:      Sowbug Leech Tubefix worm Pouch Snail

You have just dredged a specified area of the streambed using a kicknet :)    Carefully drag the leaves and rocks away to reveal macroinvertebrates. Using the guide above, segregate macros into different types near the margins of the kicknet. Count the number of types (not number of individuals) per pollution tolerance Group, then submit the raw data and simple calculated values into the table below to determine a snapshot of overall stream health.

Group 1:
Types = (a) x 4 = (b)
Group 2:
Types = (a) x 3 = (b)
Group 3:
Types = (a) x 2 = (b)
Group 4:
Types = (a) x 1 = (b)
Total Types (sum of a) =
Total Value (sum of b) =
Total Value (b) ÷ Total Types (a) =